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About Us


We first became involved with the breed in 2019 and have since dedicated ourselves to honoring and protecting this breed for future generations.  We got our first Boston Terrier through someone who was rehoming their senior Boston.  From the moment he walked into our home, we were instantly smitten with the breed's clownish personality and liveliness. 


In 2020 we got our first well-bred Boston and began showing in conformation.  We continue to grow and learn about the breed and explore different sports and activities we can do with our little companions.  We are excited to keep learning and growing as preservation breeders who prove that Boston Terriers are a versatile, happy, and healthy dog breed that can do it all! 

Kim is the Web Liaison for the Boston Terrier Club of America, and currently serves on the Board of Directors for the Minnesota Boston Terrier Club and Rescue. She is also a foster mentor for Coco's Heart Dog Rescue. 

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