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Our Litters

We are so proud of all of our Moonsault Puppies!

While we breed primarily for conformation, we occasionally have puppies available for companion or sport homes.  We are thrilled to be able to co-breed with one of our mentors, Legends Boston Terriers, in Northern Minnesota.  Additionally, we proudly co-breed with our friends Allegro Boston Terriers in Portland, Oregon, and offer transport services between the Midwest and West Coast if our puppy homes are in need of transport help. Our goal is to find the best possible homes for our puppies, wherever that may be!

Take a look at some of our past litters below!

Our puppy prices are typically between $2500-$3000 for show, performance, or pet companion puppies - check out these links below for great information as to why buying from a show breeder is the right choice for you!

"I don't want a show dog - just a pet"

"But I don't want a show dog!"

"What I learned at the dog show"

"The Difference Between Show Dogs & Pet Puppies"

Tarot x Carson

December 2023

MoonsaultNJingles Escape From The Mariana Trench - "Meg"


Revel x Mox

January 2023

Moonsault Legends Top Rope Sailor - "Odin"

Moonsault Legends Shining Wizard - "Hans"

Moonsault Legends Beware The Green Mist - "Goldy"

Tarot x Mox

November 2022

Jingle and Moonsault's Time To S!ine - "Fourier"

Jingle's No Time For Alarm at Moonsault - "Snooze"

Jingle's Watch Your Hands at Onirama - "Tock"

Jingles Timing Is Everything For Moonsault Legends - "Lita"

2023-03-21 11_35_46-Home _ Legend's Bostons_edited.jpg
moonsault allegro_edited_edited.jpg
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