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Breeding to the Standard

All of our Boston Terriers are owned and bred responsibly, with the utmost care given to maintaining the breed standard.  


Health Testing

All of our adult Bostons are fully health tested according to the BTCA's standards


This includes CAER eye exams, BAER hearing tests, Patellar Luxation exam, and a genetic test for JHC (Juvenile Hereditary Cataracts). Test results are available upon request.


Breed Standard

Our Bostons are bred to the AKC/BTCA standard. We do not and never will support breeding for fad colors or breeding against the standard in any way.


We love this breed and our goal is maintain breed type and health for the longevity of this wonderful companion breed.



We aim to prove our dogs in the conformation show ring and other venues - whether a sport like agility, rally, barn hunt; or completing their good citizen tests; or even working on therapy certifications. We aim to prove that all of our dogs are active, healthy companions worthy of being bred and contributing to the breed.

Our Commitment to Care

About Our Puppies

All of our puppies are sold with a heath guarantee contract and are registered with AKC before placement. They receive age-appropriate vaccinations and are cleared of heart, lung, hearing, and patella defects before sale.  While no breeder can guarantee against all hereditary diseases/defects, we use as many tools and testing protocols as we can to produce healthy, happy dogs.

We are not a large-scale breeder - we do not have a kennel facility and only produce 1-2 litters per year. Our puppies are raised in-home and are loved and cared for from birth through 10-12 weeks when they are placed with loving families.  We follow many of the Puppy Culture and Avidog puppy raising protocols, including providing Early Scent Introduction and Early Neurological Stimulation.  All of our puppies are socialized with cats, other dogs, and many humans before going to their homes.

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